Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Solmar Hotel & Resorts Collection Reopens Better Than Ever

Resorts Boast Updated Facilities and Refurbished Interiors Following Hurricane Odile;  Solmar Hotels & Resorts is pleased to announce that all five properties - Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa; Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa; the Ridge Luxury Villas at Playa Grande; Solmar All-Inclusive Resort & Beach Club; and Hotel Quinta del Sol - will be fully operational by October 29. The properties officially re-opened their doors on October 12, welcoming the first guests back in style; mariachis played lively music while employees from every department - from housekeeping to executive management - came out to greet guests with a heartfelt "Welcome Home!"    

The Solmar properties were closed for a short period of time following Hurricane Odile, which came ashore in Los Cabos on September 14. Solmar's owners and executive team took advantage of the time following the storm, when flights were unable to fly into the destination, to clean up, rebuild and refurbish the resorts to their original beauty.

"Our properties are better than ever," says Ricardo Orozco, Managing Director of Solmar Hotels & Resorts. "Our dedicated staff worked hard over the past month to ensure that all of our facilities and amenities were back in action for our guests to enjoy as of October 12. By October 29, we will be back to 100% and back on track with our plans pre-Odile."

GrandSolmar Land's End, the hardest hit of the five Solmar properties, is back up and running smoothly with nearly all amenities in tact just one month after the storm. Don Luis Restaurant, the resort's fine dining option, is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner through October 29, when Grand Solmar's signature La Roca restaurant is expected to reopen. The property is also working on upgrading the Sea Spa area located at the breathtaking Land's End Terrace, which is scheduled to be ready by the end of 2014. In the interim, guests will enjoy the full Sea Spa menu in a special VIP Spa Suite at Grand Solmar and are invited to enjoy the spa facilities at sister property Playa Grande Resort, whose spa is operating normally and offering an extensive menu of spa services and treatments.

Also new to this public event space is a full outdoor kitchen, which will be able to serve wedding receptions and events of up to 40 people right under the Cabo moonlight, preparing delicious cuisine right on Land's End Terrance.

At Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa, guests will enjoy five fully remodeled pools as well as a refurbished hotel exterior, complete with fresh paint, new roof tiles, palapas, resort façade, and beautiful new landscaping. The Kids Club on property is undergoing updates but an array of family-friendly activities are available on-site.

SolmarAll-Inclusive Resort & Beach Club, the founding hotel in the Solmar collection, is updating its popular Tejaban Restaurant, which is scheduled to reopen by the end of October. Meanwhile, guests of Solmar can take advantage of a new all-inclusive package which includes restaurants and facilities at sister property Playa Grande, their restaurant Brigantine and the spectacular lobby bar.

Hotel Quinta del Sol, located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, has remained opened for reservations since the storm hit in September. The hotel has been the home base for the CFE (Federal Commission of Electricity) employees as they work to restore power to the entire region as well as members of the Mexican Armed Forces. 

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Solmar Foundation Supports Resort Employees- Following Hurricane Odile

The Solmar Foundation, in association with Solmar Hotels & Resorts, announced today that 100% of all donations will be used to support and aid the Solmar Group staff and their families following Hurricane Odile, which passed through the destination on September 14.

While the Solmar hotel properties incurred minimal, cosmetic damage from Hurricane Odile, many staff members did not fare as well. Out of the 1,800 Solmar Group employees, approximately 157 families lost everything while another 75 families suffered partial damage to their homes or property.

"We could not be more grateful for the support we have received for our resorts and staff over the past two weeks," said Ricardo Orozco, Managing Director of Solmar Hotels & Resorts. "Many of our loyal members and guests have inquired as to how they could help our beloved staff and we are pleased to share that all donations made to the Solmar Foundation will go directly to those employees whose lives were greatly affected by the hurricane until they are back on their feet. We will be sharing updates via our social media channels on a regular basis, so people can see how their donations are working right here on the ground in Los Cabos."

Four of the Solmar properties - Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa; The Ridge Luxury Villas; Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa; and Solmar All-Inclusive Resort & Beach Club - will reopen on October 11 to all members and on October 12 to all hotel customers & guests, thanks to the tireless work of the devoted Solmar staff. The fifth property, Hotel Quinta del Sol, will remain closed until December 20 as it continues to act as a home base for the dedicated men and women of the FCE (Federal Commission of Electricity) and the armed forces as they work together to bring Los Cabos back for the winter travel season.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Solmar Foundation and Solmar Group Provide a Hurricane Odile Update

Solmar Foundation and Solmar Group Provide a Hurricane Odile Update

The Solmar Foundation and the Solmar Group are taking the time to inform members and guests about the efforts being made to return Cabo to normal.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Hurricane Odile, a category 4 hurricane struck Cabo San Lucas on the evening of September 14, causing major damage to hotels, homes, and the infrastructure of Baja. The Solmar Group and the Solmar Foundation has been working tirelessly since the hurricane struck, in order to provide housing for Solmar employees who lost their homes and all of their possessions. In addition the Solmar Foundation and Solmar Hotels are assisting in the clean up effort of the city by removing debris, cleaning streets, and most importantly assisting those in need to expedite the recovery effort. The goal of Solmar is to get the destination of Los Cabos up and running again, to welcome visitors from around the world to enjoy Cabo during the high season, which begins November 1st.

The Solmar Foundation and Solmar Group is sharing this information with all of our Solmar owners and anyone else wishing to donate to the Solmar Foundation which is doing incredible work during these most difficult times. These updates will serve to inform travelers about Cabos current conditions in order to reassure concerned members that Cabo is and has recovered from one of the most devastating hurricanes to ever hit the Baja. Cabo is clean, safe, secure, restaurants are open, hotels are providing all services, the beaches are clean, activities have resumed operation, and once again Cabo is the best place in the world for a relaxing vacation.

The Solmar group, within hours of the hurricane passing provided 100 rooms to those employees who had literally lost all of their possessions. It should be noted that of the 1,800 Solmar employees, that make up the Solmar Group, approximately 20 percent lost everything that they had, and the remaining 80 percent suffered major damage to their homes.

Once the storm passed, it was now time to assess the damage. With so many homes in the community destroyed and thousands of people without food, water, or power, the Solmar Group and Solmar Foundation took it upon themselves to provide food and water to Solmar Group employees and their families. This was done with the purchase of 1500 boxes of food to be distributed amongst the staff members.

In addition, the Solmar Group and the Solmar Foundation continue to send trucks filled with water to those in the community who are in dire need of this precious resource. The lost and found items from the Solmar hotels, which remained unclaimed, such as clothing items, have been distributed to employees as well as to members of the community who are in need of these basic items.

In the aftermath of Odile, a large percentage of the donations that have been raised through the Solmar Foundation will go to the employees of the Solmar Group to assist them in their efforts to rebuild their homes and lives. Donations will also be given to the greater Los Cabos community in order to assist them in the recovery efforts throughout the area. 

“Getting our employees back on their feet and our hotel operating again, is the best way we can serve the community right now, “ States Dinorah De Haro, Director of the Solmar Foundation. “We can regain the ability to get the Foundation back to donating full efforts and resources exclusively to the community as soon as possible; that is our ultimate goal.”

The Solmar Group and Solmar Foundation would like to remind members that its employees are part of the Los Cabos Community and in need of assistance. The Solmar Foundations priority is and has always been to assist those members of the Los Cabos community who are in need of basic items to sustain a comfortable life. These same persons who make up the the Los Cabos Community are the persons who provide us all with wonderful service. It is now time to show our support for those who have lost everything, we can help by donating and making their lives a little easier during this challenging time.

The Solmar Foundation and the Solmar Group want to thank everyone who donates, please remember that no donation is too small and every donation makes a difference!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Chef Matías by Romeo & Julieta


Serves Four
10 tablespoons all-purpose flour.
7 tablespoons ricotta cheese.
5 tablespoons butter.
4 ounces whipping cream. 

5 tablespoons white sugar. 

5 ½ tablespoons powdered sugar.
1 ½  tablespoons almond flour.

24 ripe cherries. 

1 egg yolk. 

Zest of one orange.
Pinch of salt.

  1. Sift the flour into a bowl and mix with the melted butter, 3 ½ tablespoons powdered sugar, salt, egg yolk and almond flour.
  2. Mix until smooth, cover with plastic wrap and let stand in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. 

  3. Meanwhile wash, dry and remove the seeds from the cherries. Place in a pot with two tablespoons of sugar, orange zest and half a tablespoon of water. Cook at a high heat for five minutes.
  4. Turn off the heat and remove the cherries from the rest of the mixture. Allow to cool. 

  5. On a floured flat surface, roll the dough to a thin sheet a ¼ inch or less thick. Form into a circle that will fit into a round tart mold or baking dish. Use the remaining butter to grease the bottom and sides of the mold and sprinkle lightly with flour. Press the dough into the bottom and push into the corners and up the sides.
  6. Use a fork to lightly pierce the bottom of the dough. Add the cherry mixture and spread evenly. 

  7. In a separate bowl, mix the ricotta with the heavy cream and remaining sugar. Distribute evenly into the mold covering the cherries and leaving a smooth surface. 

  8. Cook in a hot oven (400°F) for about 20 minutes.
  9. Let the tart cool before removing from the mold. 

  10. Sprinkle each serving with remaining powdered sugar. Garnish with a few fresh cherries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, if desired.
  11. Time to enjoy the delicious RICOTTA CHEESE AND CHERRY TART. 
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

3 Exquisite Bacon Recipes In Honor Of International Bacon Day 2014

Shrimp Wrapped with Bacon

Served with rice huitlacoche, pickled onions, corn kernels with serrano chile sauce and Seafood sauce.

  •   2 Pieces U10 Shrimp 
  • 50 Grs. Bacon 
  • 50 Grs Rice 
  • 25 Grs. Corn Kernels   
  • 1 Pc. Serrano Chile 
  • 10 Grs. Pickled Onion 
  • 25 ml. Seafood Sauce 
  • 25 ml Raw green sauce

How to: Peel the shrimp leaving the tail and cut through the top of the shrimp to remove the dirt, then completely wrapped in bacon and cooked on the grill or barbecue until cooked through, served on a mirror of seafood sauce and rice, served with corn sauteed with olive oil, pickled onions and avocado sauce

Roasted Fillet of Sea Bass

Served with chips plantains, crispy bacon, lentils stew and bacon sauce

  • 200 Grs. Fresh Sea Bass Fillet
  •    50 Grs. Lentil stew
  •    20 Grs. Tostones of plantain
  •    20 Grs. Bacon Chips
  •    25 ml. Bacon Sauce

How to: Sea Bass fillet seasoned with salt and pepper and cook in skillet with olive oil until half cook and finish cooking in the oven to keep their natural juices, served with golden bacon, croutons of plantains, lentils stew and bacon sauce.


Chiles Rellenos with Shrimp Wrapped with Bacon 

Served with tamarind sauce with avocado and tomatillo sauce

  •  2 Pcs Jalapeño white Chile
  • 50 Gr. Raw Coctel Size Shrimp
  • 25 Grs.Bacon
  • 10 Grs. Cucumber
  • 20 Grs. Mixed Lettuce
  • 10 Ml.  Tamarind Salsa
  • 10 Grs. Avocado Salsa

How to: Poach the peppers and remove the veins, filled with shrimp and caramelized onions, completely wrapped in bacon and cooked on the grill until thoroughly cooked, served with green salad, avocado sauce and tamarind sauce.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Solmar Hotels & Resorts Invite Anglers to "CATCH" a Deal This Fall

Known as a sport fishing paradise, Los Cabos welcomes anglers from around the globe each fall to participate in a number of world-class tournaments throughout the destination. Solmar Hotels & Resorts, perfectly situated between the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean, offers easy access to these impressive fishing grounds and a deep-rooted history in the sport. In preparation for the 2014 tournament season, Solmar Hotels & Resorts is currently offering two special packages to avid anglers.

As one of the official hotel sponsors for the annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, taking place from October 14 - 18, the Solmar hotel collection is offering exclusive, discounted rates at Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa occurring between the dates of October 10 - 21. All five Solmar properties are participating, rates vary depending on length of stay, room category and property selected.

In November, the destination hosts the Los Cabos BigGame Charter Boat Classic, taking place from November 18 - 21. Travelers interested in participating in or simply experiencing this unique tournament can book a stay at Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa for a special discounted rate. Travelers can enjoy a special welcome amenity upon arrival, daily breakfast or box lunch for two people, a free round of mini golf at Playa Grande (subject to availability, reservation required), access to the resort's fitness center and a 15% discount at recommended Solmar restaurants. The special package applies to stays occurring between the dates of November 15 - 21.
Reservations can be booked directly through or emailing

To compliment these new tournament packages and complete the perfect "mancation" to Solmar and Los Cabos, travelers can enjoy their time away from the high seas by taking advantage of Playa Grande's award-winning spa and indulge in several spa treatments tailored specially to men, such as the Men's Spa Escape treatment which combines skin and body care for a complete de-stressing experience for 120 minutes. For more information, please visit

Located on Baja California's most exclusive and private beach, Solmar Hotels & Resorts offers guests privacy while still being able to enjoy the excitement of downtown Cabo San Lucas. The collection of five all-suite resorts offers guests the highest quality of service and hospitality. In the past year, two Solmar properties - Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa and The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas - were awarded the prestigious Four Diamond rating by AAA. Additionally, TripAdvisor recognized Solmar All-Inclusive Resort & Beach Club and Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa for receiving high ratings and guest reviews on this popular travel site. Additionally, Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa was recently rated among the "Top 15 Hotels in Baja California" by Condé Nast Traveler's 2013 Readers' Choice Awards along with Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa, which was also included as one of the "World's Best Hotels" for the second year in a row. 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

A facial is the best way to take care of your skin!

A facial is a beauty and health treatment that includes the following basic steps: consultation, cleansing cream, toner, mask, facial massage and a moisturizing cream. Facials are the second most popular spa treatments after massages. The process is always customized to meet the unique needs of your skin.

A licensed facialist with special training in skin care should be the person who performs your professional facial. She should not only be knowledgeable, but passionate about her work.

The Solmar Spa Collection recommends that you have a facial at least four times a year, as the seasons change. You may need one more frequently if you are trying to clear up skin blemishes such as acne, especially at the beginning. Otherwise, every few months is sufficient. Once a month is fine but make sure you don’t overdo it, especially if you have sensitive skin.

What a facial can do:
-Deep cleanse
-Increase circulation and detoxify
-Calm the senses, nerves and muscles
-Stimulate skin functions and metabolism
-Treat conditions such as dryness, oiliness, redness and acne
-Soften wrinkles and age lines

 The Solmar Spa Collection offers facials specially designed for your skin type. 

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