Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Los Cabos new film release: "The old man and the sea"

The history of Los Cabos is the focus of a new documentary. 

Los Cabos fishing movie

Los Cabos today is a world famous sportfishing destination but it was once a quiet fishing village. With perfect weather and an ocean setting, it had everything necessary to become a vacationer’s paradise. 

But it all started with one man, Don Luis Bulnes, he was born in Spain in 1955, he moved to Los Cabos to build a tuna packing plant. He was a man with a vision and he soon created a partnership with Luis Coppola. They had a dream and acted upon it by building the Finisterra hotel. After the project was finished, Don Luis Bulnes decided to sell his half and began building his own hotel. 
     Photo by Pedregal

He was a man on a mission. He committed himself to his goal and went to work. A few years later, he celebrated the grand opening of Solmar Hotels & Resorts. His first hotel had 20 rooms. From there,  Mr. Bulnes decided to develop the largest fishing fleet in Los Cabos in partnership with his son, Paco. 

They also branched into scuba diving expeditions and fishing adventures that later became the largest tourist attractions in Cabo San Lucas. Once Los Cabos became the place to be, the journey of the Old Man and the Sea-The Expedition started to take shape. The producer, Martin Falklind and his two friends, embarked on a journey to Cabo San Lucas to find the marlin population he had heard so much about. When they arrived, they had the pleasure of meeting Don Luis Bulnes.

They introduced themselves and told him about the adventure documentary they were filming. Don Luis took an interest in the documentary because he was a man who cared about the sea and all the sea’s creatures. He believed in the project and supported the Swedish crew with his hospitality when their funds ran low.

Cabo San Lucas documentary

The Old Man and The Sea-The Expedition is a thrilling journey. Inspired by the classic novel by Ernest Hemingway, Martin Falkind and friends wanted to make a film like no other. They wanted viewers to witness a dream, a tale of failure and revenge, a dangerous expedition and a fishing adventure. 

The documentary team sat with Don Luis Bulnes for an interview. It is included in the film and is now available on DVD and downloadable on iPads. Proceeds go to the Billy Foundation. The Billy Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to conserving billfish. Sadly, Don Luis Bulnes passed away on October 10, 2011 and is not here to witness the release of the documentary. 

Solmar Hotels & Resorts is proud to support the ¨The Old Man and The Sea- The Expedition.
We invite you to experience the adventure. Just click here. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Indulge yourself in a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend.

Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

February 14th is right around the corner. A weekend stay at one of our luxury hotels would make it perfect.  There are five to choose from and at least one will fit your budget. Make this Valentine's Day memorable. Plan a special romantic get away and let us help.

You can’t find a better destination for couples than Cabos San Lucas. It’s a romantic getaway with sunset walks on white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife with fine dining. Our resorts are little pieces of paradise as well.  There are infinity edge pools with swim-up bars. A choice of fine restaurants and exciting bars. And when the day is done, total relaxation and privacy are waiting in a  luxurious suite with a breathtaking view.

We can help you plan the best Valentine’s Day ever for that special someone. Don’t wait until the last minute to show the person you love how much you care. Let us reserve a table for a romantic dinner where you can savor a special tasting menu with premium wine pairings and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne. You’ll be treated to live music, Wish Sky lanterns and even a bonfire. Of course, we won’t forget that universal symbol of love, red roses.

Take a tip from Cupid and surprise the person you love with a special Valentine’s Day weekend. Just get in touch and we’ll handle all the details.